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The Guide to Life After School

How YOU doin'?

How YOU doin'?

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How you doing?

People will ask you that all the time, but how often do you ask yourself? The answer is rarely ever if we are honest with ourselves. Start putting yourself first each morning by taking five minutes to ask yourself how you are. 

How YOU doin'? is a simple book created to help you give yourself the first five minutes of every day, before the rest of the world kicks in and takes over your schedule with all its meetings, news articles, messages, calls, and all the other noise. How YOU doin'? is a collection of 12 questions designed to be answered simply and easily and will provide you with a snapshot of how you're doing and give your day intention and direction. 

Each question can be answered in as little as a few words, and the whole page can be completed in minutes and will leave you with a greater understanding of your present state and wellbeing. With 12 questions based on four key areas: Mind, Body, Soul and Goals, How YOU doin'? is the ideal daily check-in with yourself. 

How are you? let's find out. 

Every copy of How YOU doin'? is handmade. Each copy includes 42 questionnaire pages for up to eight weeks of self-reflection, and two full notes pages for additional journalling. The front and back cover are 600gsm hardcovers, and each copy has an additional 600gsm backing page which can be placed under each sheet, creating a firm book that's easy to fill out no matter where you're writing. 

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