The Guide to Life After School - Part One

The Guide to Life After School Part One provides readers with all the basics on how life works when they graduate high school and begin their own journey. This is a short yet very powerful read, with some of the topics covered including:

✔️ How taxes work. All the basics on Income Tax.

✔️ Understanding loans and credit cards - how they work and what they really cost.

✔️ How to rent or buy a property and what to expect during the process.

✔️ How to buy and sell a car.

✔️ Getting a handle on phone calls, emails and mail.

✔️ Cooking and nutrition basics.

✔️ Resumes and job interviews.

✔️ Learning the framework for how to plan out a future.

The Guide to Life After School is perfect for school leavers, young adults preparing for life, and people looking to move out for the first time. Get a head start on how life works after school.

'Got your book in the mail today and I've finished it already. I love it so much. It feels so real and thoughtful, something to really resonate with.'

'I bought this book for my teens and it's honestly fantastic. I learnt so much myself.'

'This information is exactly what the students are asking for.'